College Football Research


by Big Al

It was a weekend of trap games... and none of the traps were sprung. You'll get that.

Penn State 59 - Maryland 0

I thought Maryland would put together a better game than this, and have a chance to win in the fourth quarter. Wrong again. The Penn State-Ohio State game is looming large in November. Which brings me to...

Ohio State 48 - Nebraska 7

I think Nebraska was too wound up for this game, then things started going wrong and it snowballed on them. But, let's face it, when a player on the opposing team makes an interception lying on his back, it ain't gonna be your night. I don't think there's really 41 points of difference between the teams right now, but Nebraska clearly has work to do.

Arizona State 24 - Cal 17

Okay, one trap was sprung. Though I didn't really consider it a trap; I just didn't see Cal as a top-15 team. Arizona State seems like a #20-Receiving Votes team, so this was a good game to get things sorted out.

Clemson 21 - North Carolina 20

UNC put together a very good game, but Clemson just had a little too much. Much has been said about the decision to go for 2 at the end, and there is little I can add aside from saying that it was the right choice. As for the play call, I leave that to brighter lights than mine to decide. But I will add that hindsight is 20/20.

Notre Dame 35 - Virginia 20

Let's not forget that Notre Dame is still a very good, well-coached team. They aren't in the playoff picture now, but the season is far from over. Virginia, however, just never seems to become a real contender. Wish I knew why.

Washington 28 - USC 14

I expected a Trojan resurgence this year, but they can't seem to get up that hill. Of course, they are on their... what?... 3rd-string quarterback now? Maybe I'm expecting too much of the rest of the roster. But Washington is still king of the Pac-12.

Utah 38 - Washington State 13

Meanwhile, Utah is still hanging onto a chance for the conference championship. Don't give up on them yet.

Michigan State 40 - Indiana 31

Meanwhile, Michigan State managed a win that sets up another big game against Ohio State. There have been a lot of those in the last decade. But the Spartans found a way to win a close one, so good for them on getting it done.

UMass 37 - Akron 29

UMass got a win! Awesome! Bottom 10 #1 no longer! Akron, on the other hand...

Florida State 31 - NC State 13

In other news, Florida State quietly moved up to 3-2. They may not be the Seminoles of old, but they had a convincing win that gave them a winning record after 5 games. It's something.


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