College Football Research


by Big Al

It was a mildly eventful week. Not earth-shaking, but we learned a few things. Let's see what.

Cincinnati 27 - UCF 24

Perhaps the most surprising result of the weekend. UCF has been on such a run in the AAC that it's easy to forget that there are other good teams in the conference too. Great win for Cincinnati! But enjoy Luke Fickell while he lasts; if he finishes the year without another loss, I can almost guarantee he's moving on.

Michigan 10 - Iowa 3

I was watching this game and I can't believe that Michigan had 8 sacks. I thought it was way more than that... like 12 or 16. Seriously, Michigan spent more time in Iowa's backfield than Nate Stanley. Michigan's offense may not have gotten going, but that was a great performance from their defense. Let's not write off Michigan quite yet.

Florida 24 - Auburn 13

I admit, I had given up on Florida. But Florida showed some serious skills here. A huge win for the Gators. Auburn, meanwhile, can't seem to find any traction. Not that they will have a shortage of opportunities to impress the voters.

One point I would like to make: I try not to talk badly about individual players in this column, because these kids are kids. Most of them bust heads all afternoon, but can't buy a beer after the game. However, I would like to point out that I think Florida may have found a solution in an area they have been lacking lately.

Ohio State 34 - Michigan State 10

Ohio State may not be the best team in the B1G, but you sure couldn't tell watching them. Their offense is still solid, and they finally have a defense to go with it.

Michigan State was actually in this game... then they started making mistakes. Again, execution did in the Spartans. Brian Lewerke deserves better: I love watching his never-say-die playing style. I don't know that he's a pro prospect, but he's a fantastic college quarterback who doesn't have a lot of support.

Texas 42 - West Virginia 31

Texas keeps getting it done this year. West Virginia is a tough environment, but the Longhorns figured it out and got out with a win. Now it's on to Oklahoma.

Stanford 23 - Washington 13

Well, that about wraps it up for the Pac-12. The conference technically still has options for the playoff, but it would take a miracle. Good win by Stanford though: I had given up on them this year.

Texas Tech 45 - Oklahoma State 35

Maybe not the best game of the weekend, but possible the most entertaining. Particularly at the end: Oklahoma State really made a run at it. Anyway, Texas Tech got a good win that they can be proud of.

Virginia Tech 42 - Miami 35

This was something of a major rivalry in the '90's. I suppose it might still be one in Blacksburg and Coral Gables, but it doesn't measure on the Richter scale elsewhere. Either way, glad to see that Virginia Tech is still alive.


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