College Football Research


by Big Al

I missed my Thursday deadline, mostly because I looked at the slate of Thursday night games and thought, "Meh." That and I had absolutely no opinion on their outcomes, nor any clear way to come up with any. Sorry, South Alabama, Georgia Southern, Temple, and East Carolina, but I don't get to watch enough college football to like or dislike you. Sadly, I was also in bed before 9:30 on Thursday night, and missed one heck of a game between South Alabama and Georgia Southern.

And, as I remind everyone every year around this time, "September is for pretenders, November is for contenders, and October makes fools of us all."

Anyway, on the the games that I do have an opinion about!

UCF at Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a very tempting pick to pull off the upset at home against a UCF team that looked pretty mortal against Pittsburgh. However, UCF is going to be out for redemption, and Cincinnati had a very hard time with the other fast, ranked team it played. UCF wins.

Iowa at Michigan

I just don't see this Michigan team doing well against a team good enough to be ranked. Iowa wins.

Auburn at Florida

Auburn has been playing some pretty good football as of late. Florida seems to have figured a few things out. This could turn into another classic between two teams that have delivered more than their share of them over the last couple of decades. However, I'm still not sold on Florida this year. If they win here, I'll have more faith in them. But I don't see that happening. Auburn wins.

Texas at West Virginia

I smell danger. But not enough of it. Texas wins.

Cal at Oregon

Cal had a rough week last week. Are they due for a bounceback win? Nope. Oregon wins.

Michigan State at Ohio State

I confess, if there is a September pretender, it is Ohio State. That hurts me to say, because (as I have made no secret of), I am an Ohio State fan. This game is dangerous, because Michigan State has a good defense, an occasionally decent offense, they always play Ohio State tough, and they have a well-documented habit of knocking off teams that aren't quite as good as their rankings (Ohio State, especially). Meanwhile, Ohio State has not played a close game yet this year. I'm not even sure if their offense starters have taken a snap in the fourth quarter. Plus, it is October (see above).

You know what? I've talked myself into it. Ohio State is the obvious pick here, but I'm going with Michigan State to pull off the big upset this week.


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