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Week 7 Preview

by Big Al

It's a darn interesting week with plenty of big games. And it all starts with the Red River Showdown (nee Shootout). Gonna be a good weekend...

Syracuse at NC State

Okay, fine, it starts with Syracuse at NC State on Thursday night. But that's not among the bigger games of the weekend. But it is the first game of the weekend, and I like to pick that game. So I'll take NC State.

Virginia at Miami

Okay, we're almost to Texas at Oklahoma. In the meantime, I'm picking Miami to get the win over a Virginia team that doesn't seem all that good at winning.

Texas vs. Oklahoma


Sam Ehlinger has heard a lot from Baker Mayfield about how he's never beaten Oklahoma... and how he never beat whatever high school Baker Mayfield went to. It sure doesn't look good this year, either. Jalen Hurts has suddenly turned into a legitimate pass-first quarterback with a big-time arm. But Baker Mayfield is having at lousy year, so I'm going with Texas.

Alabama at Texas A&M

Not sure that I really need to make a pick here. But I'll tell you Alabama just to make sure you didn't think I was forgetting.

Florida State at Clemson

This is a story that takes some telling.

Clemson was, is, and will continue to be my pick for the national championship until such time as they cannot win it. But I also thought about my own saying, "September is for pretenders, November is for contenders, and October makes fools of us all." I knew that, if Clemson were to make fools of us, it would require a loss in October to fulfill all necessary qualifications.

So I thought about how this could come about, and I realized that it would take a conference loss, likely against a team that is more talented than good. That would allow them to sneak up on Clemson, but still have the talent to match up with Clemson one-on-one. The first team that came to mind was Florida State and I decided that, if there were going to be a team that beat Clemson in October, it would be Florida State... if they played Clemson in October. And I had not checked the schedule yet to see when they played.

In the words of Jay from Mallrats, "Bickety-bam."

So, with that explanation behind us, Florida State pulls off the epic upset this weekend.

Michigan State at Wisconsin

I'm picking Wisconsin. But it will be an interesting test for them after what Ohio State did to Michigan State last weekend. In other news, the scheduler-makers in the Big Ten aren't doing Michigan State any favors.

Washington State at Arizona State

I smell upset. Is this an upset? ASU is ranked and WSU isn't, but I can't shake the feeling that Vegas doesn't see much difference between the two. Anyway, Washington State wins.

Texas Tech at Baylor

Baylor is ranked? Well, not for long.

USC at Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a very good team. USC isn't... at least not when they are going through quarterbacks like Kleenex. Notre Dame wins.

Penn State at Iowa

Man, oh, man, I can't wait for this game. These two have played some epic games over the years, and I don't expect any different this year. Iowa just somehow knows how to beat Penn State. Even when Penn State wins, they take it on the chin for four quarters. I am anticipating more of the same this year. But I am expecting a Penn State win all the same.

Florida at LSU

LSU is playing some phenomenal football, and Joe Burrow has been ringing up the points like it's a pinball game. But Florida has a very good defense and they seem to have figured out some things in their offense. After what they did to last week's Tigers, I'm sold on the Gators for this week's Tigers, too. Florida wins.

Washington at Arizona

Thank you Pac-12 After Dark for giving me a reason to stay up late and avoid Saturday Night Live. Anyway, Washington finally gets their crap together enough to get a win.


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