College Football Research


Week 9 Preview

by Big Al

So, last week, on top of craziness at my second job, I had a busy week at my first job. Particularly because I was going out of town on Thursday night. Which meant that all my plans to make picks got entirely jacked up. So I'm missing an entire week of football. So this weeks preview is going to be a little weird.

In amongst all my picks, I assure you, I never would have even glanced at Illinois against Wisconsin.

SMU at Houston

The score is still 7-7 early in the 2nd quarter, so I feel comfortable and not unethical when I say that SMU will win.

USC at Colorado

USC is a big favorite against Colorado. But I still get squeamish when a sea-level team like USC has to travel a mile high. I'll take Colorado in the big upset.

Wisconsin at Ohio State

Seriously, no idea what the deal was with Wisconsin against Illinois. They have one of the best running backs in history, and they have the top defense in the country. But they got dropped by Illinois. WTF, indeed.

I really should be tempted by Wisconsin. They are coming off of a loss, so they will be angry. They have the best defense in the country (still), they have one of the best running backs in college football history, and they are playing a team whose best win so far was against Cincinnati. Okay, the last bit is actually looking a bit more impressive, but still, it's week 9, and Ohio State has played a lineup of stiffs.

All the same, Ohio State is rolling. I really want to see what they do this week against a real team, but they will have enough to get 'er done.

Miami at Pittsburgh

For some reason, ESPNU was showing a bunch of replays of Miami-Pitt games from days past. One of them was a 35-7 win by Miami in, um, 2001 or so? Anyway, that's not a game that deserves a replay. Someday, maybe this game will be worth replaying. Maybe it won't. But Pittsburgh fans will want to see it again.

Auburn at LSU

Is it LSU-Alabama weekend yet? No? Darn it!

Fine, I'll settle for a battle between two top-ten teams battling to keep pace with #1 Alabama. Stupid top-ten matchups. Anway, LSU wins.

Duke at North Carolina

This would be way bigger if it were basketball season. But it's a pretty big game all the same, just by the fact that both teams are starting to look pretty good on the gridiron too.

David Cutcliffe just keeps chugging along and churning out NFL quarterbacks. Mack Brown may not have UNC back near the top, but they are looking pretty tough these days.

Anyway, Duke will ahve the firepower to pull off the big rivalry win.

Notre Dame at Michigan

This week, Jim Harbaugh denied rumors that he had an exit plan for returning to the NFL. At this point, would Michigan fans be disappointed if he did leave?

Still can't figure out how a great coach like Harbaugh, who has won everywhere and at every level, can't win at Michigan. I don't think he's going to be sticking around too long though, regardless of his NFL plans.

Brian Kelly may not have Notre Dame as the class of the sport, but ND is a name and a team you'd better pay attention to. They make the NFL look more attractive for Harbaugh.

Washington State at Oregon

I keep waiting for Washington State to turn it around and get a big win. And they keep disappointing me. Why fight what works? Oregon wins.


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