College Football Research


by Big Al

It turned out to be a much more interesting week than we had a right to expect. Upsets were common this past weekend, and there was no end to the worthwhile games. The nightcap even turned out to be every bit as gripping as expected.

Notre Dame 47 - Clemson 40 (2OT)

It was almost like a game without momentum. Notre Dame's 23-10 lead in the first half seemed like a big success, but Clemson quickly eliminated that. Then it was a back-and-forth ending that still wasn't over when the gun sounded.

That Notre Dame won is not suprising: Clemson was coming in without the guy everyone was expecting to run the team through the season. But the fact that it was Notre Dame's defense sealing the win was very interesting. After all that offense, Notre Dame could still had a defense that could save the day. That makes them even more of a team to watch.

Indiana 38 - Michigan 21

The win over Penn State was surprising. But this was no fluke. Indiana is a legitimately good team. They have a lot of skill on offense, and their defense is nothing to sneeze at. Their game against Ohio State is starting to look very interesting.

Michigan, however... I never thought I would see a Michigan team so sloppy and undisciplined. Indiana was drawing their defense offsides almost at will. I don't know what's going on with them, but they need to figure it out fast.

BYU 51 - Boise State 17

Nobody goes onto the blue turf and throttles Boise State from beginning to end. Well, except for BYU this year. That was an incredibly impressive performance by the Cougars. They are definitely a team to watch out for this year.

Florida 44 - Georgia 41

I admit, I had given up on Florida. But they went to Georgia and turned in a very good game against a good team. They have their issues, but they the talent to make some noise this year.

Ohio State 49 - Rutgers 27

Championship-caliber teams don't give up 27 points to Rutgers. Nor do they take the second half off. Ohio State may make the CFP, but they aren't looking like they'll make it very far.

Justin Fields, however, is ridiculously good. He makes completing 80% of his passes look easy. I don't know what his pro career will be like, but he's very, very, very good as a college quarterback.

Liberty 38 - Virginia Tech 35

Speaking of games worth watching, I confess that I did not take Liberty seriously against Virginia Tech. I figured the Hokies would slap the upstarts back into obscurity. It wasn't easy, but Liberty found a way to make it work. Hugh Freeze is doing a very impressive job.

Maryland 35 - Penn State

This is Maryland's third win in 44 tries against Penn State. It seems that Maryland is pretty good. Or Penn State is a lot worse than we thought. I don't know. All I know is that Maryland is going to be talking about this game and Taulia Tagovailoa for a long time.

Northwestern 21 - Nebraska 13

Did I really pick Nebraska in this one? Northwestern didn't exactly dominate, but they kept Nebraska's offense from scoring in three quarters. That was all they needed. Northwestern is putting together a very good season. Nebraska needs a lot of help if they just want to get to a bowl. It's not like Nebraska is bad, they just can't seem to score.

Meanwhile, Northwestern may be the best team in the Big Ten West aside from a Wisconsin team that can't get on the field. Gonna be a weird set of standings in the West.

USC 28 - Arizona State 27

USC got the ball with something like 4:28 left in the game, down by 13. They scored two touchdowns so fast that they left way too much time for Arizona State to have a chance to move down the field and kick a field goal.

Kedon Slovis was making some just ridiculous throws to save his team. I wonder if the emergency of the situation forced him to remove his caution and just sling the ball. He's very talented; he could be very fun to watch when he's not playing your team.


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