College Football Research


by Big Al

The Pac-12 and MAC are back! We finally have a full college football season!

Clemson at Notre Dame

Did I really say that Alabama-Georgia was likely the biggest game before the playoffs? Well, color me wrong again.

I certainly didn't expect a #1 vs. #4 matchup from the ACC, but we've got one. And one of the teams is not in the ACC. As noted earlier, I'm legitimately rooting for Notre Dame to win the ACC this year, because it would be such a nice cherry on top of the most bizarre year in living memory.

I didn't really think this was a real possiblity until last weekend, when Dabo Swinney announced that Trevor Lawrence would not be available for the Notre Dame game because of ACC virus protocols. Sorry Clemson fans, but I smiled when I heard that.

In an insane year, bet on insanity. Notre Dame to win and take the inside track toward the ACC championship game... probably to meet Clemson again.

Florida at Georgia

And it's a top-10 matchup in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, which won't have any sort of parties due to COVID-19. And it's the second-biggest game of the weekend. And it seems like it's at the beginning of the year, rather than the middle of it (which it actually is), making everything all the more confusing.

Anyway, I have a lot of reservations about both teams. But after Dan Mullen's antics last week against Missouri, I have no confidence in Florida's head. Georgia it is.

BYU at Boise State

BYU is storming into Boise with a truckload of momentum and a team that threatens to barge into the CFP. Boise State has a way of knifing those sorts of dreams in the stomach. Boise State in the upset.

Michigan at Indiana

Indiana pulled off a stunner against Penn State on opening weekend. Michigan comes in off a loss to a Michigan State team that shocked pretty much everybody. Name recognition is keeping Michigan in the rankings. Indiana takes care of that problem.

Nebraska at Northwester

The team that was fighting the hardest to start the Big Ten season has played one effing game so far. Northwestern is coming in 2-0. But Nebraska is like a crazed dog who missed dinner. Nebraska wins.


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