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Week 11 Recap

by Big Al

It was a relatively quiet week. Especially with over a dozen games postponed or canceled. But there were a few results of interest.

Indiana 24 - Michigan State 0

I become more and more impressed with Indiana every week. After a close scrape against Penn State, they have gotten more overwhelming every week. I though they would be preoccupied by the upcoming Ohio State game. Yet they either weren't distracted, or they were thinking about that and they overwhelmed Michigan State anyway. This is a very good football team and Ohio State had better not come into next week overconfident.

Wisconsin 49 - Michigan 11

I don't know what's going on with Michigan, but they are just plain bad this year. Offense bad, defense almost nonexistent. I just don't know anymore. But they'd better figure something out soon if they want to make it to a bowl.

Nebraska 30 - Penn State 23

Nebraska may have salvaged something out of the year. But Penn State can't seem to catch a break. Nebraska can still turn this year into something of a success. But Penn State needs to find a way to win out to make it to a bowl this year.

USC 34 - Arizona 30

USC once again found a way to win. They may not win pretty, but they win. They aren't wowing anybody (at least not yet), but they may be the class of the Pac-12. And with each week, they will get better. They need to keep winning, and they need help, but the Trojans are a team that could find a way into the playoffs.

Tulsa 28 - SMU 24

There was an upset this week! It's something.

Postponements and Cancellations

The Ohio State-Maryland game is the most interesting of the lost games, thanks to Maryland's win over Penn State last week. But the postponed LSU-Alabama game has a certain historical interest that made it intriguing. All that turned a quiet weekend into a dud. Let's just hope that next week provides better games.


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