College Football Research


by Big Al

It's a big weekend for games that you would think would be good. You'd be wrong.

Wisconsin at Michigan

Wisconsin is playing its second game of the season. They have exactly as many wins as Michigan, who is playing their third game of the season. Michigan's chances shouldn't be discounted, because Wisconsin will be rusty. But I've seen Michigan play football. Wisconsin.

Alabama at LSU

This game was postponed. This is the best result possible for LSU in this game. If the Tigers are lucky, this game will end up being canceled.

Miami at Virginia Tech

Miami may not be a legitimate top-10 team, but they are legitimately good. Virginia Tech... well... Miami wins.

Penn State at Nebraska

On the plus side, one of these teams will finally get a win. On the negative side... let's just not go there. In fact, let's just move to the next game.

Indiana at Michigan State

So... it's Indiana coming into this game 3-0? And Michigan State is 1-2? Don't be surprised if Michigan State gives Indiana four quarters of difficulty: Indiana knows that Ohio State is coming next weekend. But Indiana is still very good. Indiana wins.

Texas A&M at Tennessee

Again, this game was postponed. Really, a best-case scenario for Tennessee.

Notre Dame at Boston College

ESPN is promoting this game heavily because it's on ABC. Boston College's big success this year is getting a big lead on Clemson that they subsequently blew. Boston College ain't bad. But Notre Dame is very, very good. Oh, and Boston College is not playing a team starting a new quarterback the week before they have their biggest game of the season against Notre Dame. I'm taking Notre Dame here.

That's It?

Good gravy, it's a dud of a weekend. Ohio State-Maryland would have been the most interesting game of the weekend (and the best chance for a major upset), but a COVID outbreak canceled that game. So let's just enjoy the lower-tier games and hope that next weekend turns out okay. In the meantime, maybe some upsets will happen. But I wouldn't bet on it.


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