College Football Research


by Big Al

It's championship week in college football. Time to talk about who's getting trophies.

Conference USA: UAB at Marshall

I wouldn't discount UAB's chances in this game: they have a tendency to bite when you least expect it. But Marshall is the team to beat, and they are at home. So, Marshall it is.

MAC: Ball State vs. Buffalo

The reason you want to watch this game is Jaret Patterson from Buffalo. He's run for 1025 yards and 18 touchdowns in six games on only 123 carries. He's averaging more than 8 yards per carry for the year. That's ridiculous. But let's not forget that Buffalo also has a pretty good defense, while Ball State hasn't given up less than 20 points all season. Buffalo it is.

Oregon at USC

USC has been playing it close all year. Now they face an Oregon team that can put up points in bunches. But Oregon hasn't stopped anybody either. As long as USC is within 7, Kedon Slovis can throw USC out of trouble. If they are within 6 at the end of the game, Slovis will complete the passes to win. USC wins.

Northwestern vs. Ohio State

Ohio State had better not worry about winning pretty; they need to worry about winning. Northwestern is tough, disciplined, and very stout on defense. In fact, it will be the toughest defense Ohio State has faced all year. And Ohio State's defense hasn't been shy about keeping other teams in the game. Ohio State is the obvious pick, and that's who I'm going with. But I certainly wouldn't bet against Northwestern in this game. In fact, if I were a betting man, I'd take Northwestern against that 20-point spread.

Oklahoma vs. Iowa State

Iowa State has been the class of the Big XII all year. Oklahoma, meanwhile, started the season with their own answer to Spinal Tap's "Shark Sandwich". But Oklahoma has figured themselves out. And they got a second chance. I'll go with Oklahoma to wreck a great underdog story with their own story of redemption.

Clemson vs. Notre Dame

Regardless of whether Iowa State, Northwestern, or Florida pull off epic upsets this weekend, this is the game to watch. Those are games you would only care about if the result is unexpected. This game you care about because it's two great teams playing each other for a championship.

Obviously, the first time these two teams played, it was not ideal. Clemson was missing several key players, not least of which was Trevor Lawrennce. And Clemson still nearly won on the road with a quarterback making his first career start. Notre Dame is very, very good. And they are probably the third-best team in the country. But Clemson is the second-best team in the country. And they are pissed about dropping a game. Clemson it is.

Minnesota at Wisconsin

It's happening after all! 114 straight years! They'd better not cancel this one. Anyway, um, how about Wisconsin? ...who has yet to win a game this year when I've picked them. Just like Minnesota. So, in conclusion, whatever pick I make is likely wrong. Sorry, Wisconsin.

Alabama vs. Florida

Florida dropped one game this year in one of the weirdest scenes of the year... and they dropped another game to a Texas A&M team that got obliterated by Alabama. An Alabama team that is, at this point in the season, clearly the best team in the country. Alabama.

Tulsa at Cincinnati

In the American Athletic Conference, there is a slim chance that Cincinnati could make the playoffs. Heh, heh, just kidding. The committee has clearly shown that they are never going to even consider a non-power-conference team for the playoffs. Cincinnati wins anyway.

Arizona State at Oregon State

I'm just pointing out that there is a game happening at 10:30 PM EST on Saturday, so I can watch football for as long as I can stay awake. Which is probably only until about 9:30 EST, but you know what I mean. Anyway, it's effing cold in Oregon in December, it's week 16 of the season, and, so far, Arizona State has only played three games. Oregon State wins.


College Football Playoff Final Prediction

I'm an Ohio State fan, and I will be rooting for Ohio State. But they aren't the side to bet on.

A Few Thoughts

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