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So, I Guess College Football Started?

by Big Al

So, I guess college football started. It doesn't much feel like it. Almost half the teams aren't playing, unless they decide to play. The teams that are playing are pretty much just playing inside their own conferences. And everything might get canceled anyway if COVID breaks out again. All this means it's kind of hard to get excited.

BYU 55 - Navy 3

Okay, there was one game worth talking about from week 1, and that was BYU. And they looked pretty darned good. We'll see how good Navy is, but they have generally been a solid, well-coached, disciplined team that drives other teams nuts. So it does make BYU look good to put it to Navy like that. Let's keep an eye on them.

Clemson 37 - Wake Forest 13

Nothing surprising here.

Notre Dame 27 - Duke 13

Notre Dame is making a foray into conference play. It will be interesting to see if they like it. Anyway, this is pretty much as expected.

North Carolina 31 - Syracuse 6

Nice start to the North Carolina year. Nice to see Mack Brown is back to his old ways.

Louisiana 31 - Iowa State 14

There was an upset! Not that I was really expecting that much from Iowa State this year, but I guess some other folks were. You can call that pretty much over.

Miami 31 - UAB 14

Miami is back! Because they beat... UAB... by 17. Let's give it a little more time in the crock pot before we cut that open.

Georgia Tech 16 - Florida State 13

Florida State still doesn't look like Florida State. They have moments, but there's not much there. They don't look overwhelmingly talented, and they don't look all that aggressive. Sometimes, they don't even look like they are putting in that much effort. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are still trying to get used to yet another coach. But I'm not seeing much right now.

Georgia Tech, on the other hand, did look aggressive, and did look like they were playing hard. They smelled blood and took a big bite.

Pittsburgh 55 - Austin Peay 0

The score is not so interesting as much as something that happened in the game: the two teams played 10-minute quarters in the second half. It was a blowout, nothing much was going to be gained by playing full-length quarters. I love that. The facts were the facts, there was no real reason to run up the score, and nobody was going to get anything out of those other minutes except maybe some injuries. So they improvised. That's what I call a good thing.


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