College Football Research


Week 3 Recap

by Big Al

Well, another week came and went and I was almost oblivious. On the plus side, I've seen more Campbell football games this year than I am likely to see for the rest of my life.

There was even a top-25 matchup this weekend! That was fun! At least for a little while. It gets better next week. In the meantime...

Miami 47 - Louisville 34

It was not as close as the final score. Miami was clearly better. No, Miami is not back, but they are at least have a chance to make it a four-quarter game against Clemson.

Louisville, meanwhile, is about 50-50 to finish the year ranked. They have some issues, but they could use some out-of-conference games to keep themselves in the top 25.

UCF 49 - Georgia Tech 21

Meanwhile, UCF looks legitimately excellent. If they can get by Memphis and Cincinnati... they will still get left out of the playoffs. But they will have a legitimate argument once again for inclusion.

Georgia Tech, however, needs a lot of work. Admittedly, they are transitioning to a pro-style offense, so they are going to be a little rough. But they embodied the old saying, "There are three things that can happen when you throw the ball, and two of them are bad."

Notre Dame 52 - South Florida 0

Seriously, what the heck USF? I appreciate that you're not Florida State, but you have been good in the recent past. Maybe I'm underestimating Notre Dame, but I would have expected more from the Bulls.

Oklahoma State 16 - Tulsa 7

Oklahoma State also has some work to do. Can't sugarcoat this, they need more than that if they are going to challenge Texas and Oklahoma in the Big XII.

Marshall 17 - Appalachian State 7

Now that's a big win! Marshall is looking good, with a win over a ranked foe! App State may not be sniffing another ranking for a while, though.


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