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Week 4 Preview

by Big Al

Welp, it's another week of some kind of football for the colleges, and we're all looking forward to having something to talk about. The SEC is starting up this week, which will at least give us more games to discuss.

We're all really feeling the loss of inter-conference games, though. Regional and conference pride makes for fun games. And the relative comparison between teams lets us figure out some national pecking orders. And those are games people talk about for years. You often only get one home-and-home series between two teams for them to have a chance to have decades' worth of bragging rights. Now it's just the bowls, which (outside the big 5 bowls) is pretty much everybody's bragging rights against the Big Ten.

Gonna be a long year.

Florida State at Miami

This is the showcase game of the day/night. And Miami looks like they are holding up their end of the deal of making this a big game. But with the way Florida State folded against Georgia Tech, it's not going to register on the seismometer.

Florida State's continued struggles baffle me. They have their moments, but they aren't what you expect from Florida State levels of talent. I suppose rotating through coaches like they are Kleenex tends to wear you down. And they may not even be all that sure what their assignments are by now. Either way, they need work.

Miami, meanwhile, is off to a great start yet again. But I've seen this show enough to not expect too much from them. Besides, Clemson still looms.

Anyway, expect Miami to continue the "Miami is back" narrative for another week.

Florida at Ole Miss

Let's see, conference game after a whole year off, with a strange offseason, and a shortened preseason preparation. And the ranked team is on the road. While the crowd won't be a factor, it is nonetheless someone else's cooking.

I'm not saying that Ole Miss will pull of a huge upset, but don't count it out either. All the same, the smart money is on Florida.

Kentucky at Auburn

Auburn, meanwhile, is at home against a ranked Kentucky team and Auburn has a chance to get a win over a ranked team. I'll go with Auburn here.

Louisville at Pittsburgh

A second matchup of ranked teams! This is quite the bonanza. Louisville is 1-1 and didn't look that good against Miami. Pittsburgh has looked pretty good, including in their game against Syracuse. All the same, I expect Louisville to get it back together this week.

Army at Cincinnati

Army is ranked? Sure, why not! Anyway, Cincinnati solves that little conundrum.

Alabama at Missouri

Okay, Alabama is going to win this game. But it will be interesting to see how they look, coming in cold on the road against a conference opponent with a new quarterback.

Tennessee at South Carolina

If I had a pick an upset, I would go with a South Carolina team opening the season against a Tennessee team that keeps underperforming. Oh, what the heck, let's go with the Gamecocks.

NC State at Virginia Tech

An intriguing game between ACC foes. Virginia Tech is the clear, sensible choice, but they'd best be wary against NC State. But Blacksburg just ain't the same without a proper Enter Sandman. You can play the song, but nothing replaces a ramped-up crowd.


College Football Playoff Final Prediction

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