College Football Research


by Big Al

With everyone having a game under their belts, this week should provide fewer surprises. All the same, it's college football, and surprises happen.

Auburn at Georgia

It's a huge game between top-10 teams in the SEC! But both teams have only played one game, so who the heck knows how good they really are. But it's going to be sloppy on the edges, because neither team has had a chance to work out the kinks.

It's impossible to make a pick, except that I expect it will get out of hand, and the winning team will win by at least 17. And the loser of the game will wish they had played this game in week 4, rather than week 2, because it might have turned out entirely different.

Texas A&M at Alabama

Until Alabama loses and looks bad doing it, I'm not picking against them. But I'm also not convinced they are a shoo-in for the SEC championship game. Everyone is off-balance right now, so I don't count on anything.

TCU at Texas

Texas, again, I'm not picking against them. At least not in this game. But coming off of an emotional win, they will be vulnerable. It takes a lot out of a team to snatch victory from the jaws of certain defeat. That makes them vulnerable. I don't think TCU can take advantage, but they had better not get complacent.

South Florida at Cincinnati

Perennial American Conference contender South Florida is coming in... wait... they lost by how much? Cincinnati gets a nice little practice game against Florida players while they wait for Memphis and UCF.

Texas Tech at Kansas State

This game is quite the scheduling coup. The two teams on opposite sides of two epic comebacks last week are playing each other this week. Can Kansas State pull it back together? Can Texas Tech get it together? This is an interesting experiment in psychology. I'll take Texas Tech to be eager to rinse the taste out of their mouth against an emotionally spent Kansas State.

Jacksonville State at Florida State

Goodness, I sure hope Florida State can win this week. All the same, seeing the way they've been playing, I wouldn't bet on them even if I had the chance.

Navy at Air Force

Not knowing anything about Air Force this year, they may be the best of the bunch in the Commander-in-Chief trophy competition. But Navy has had two games to figure themselves out, while Air Force doesn't know themselves all that well. That would be enough to make up for even theoretical deficits.


College Football Playoff Final Prediction

I'm an Ohio State fan, and I will be rooting for Ohio State. But they aren't the side to bet on.

A Few Thoughts

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