College Football Research


by Big Al

It was a weekend of big events, small and large. And one big game that was pretty much more of the same.

South Carolina 30 - Auburn 22

Yes, there were bigger games. But none of them ended up with a result that hadn't happened since 1933. Which is the last time South Carolina beat Auburn. No, wait, correct that, 2020 is the last time South Carolina beat Auburn.

Okay, South Carolina only joined the SEC in 1991, but that's still a big deal. It's not like South Carolina hasn't had a lot of chances in the last 29 years. Great job Gamecocks!

In other news, I don't know how Gus Malzahn is going to survive this one. Auburn is perpetually ready to fire coaches, including the one that game them a national championship. This is particularly the case when one Mr. Saban is making their lives miserable. But Auburn, give Malzahn a break.

Coastal Carolina 30 - Louisiana 27

In another big event, Coastal Carolina got their first-ever win over a ranked team. Chanticleers, baby!

Alabama 41 - Georgia 24

I don't know how much Alabama won this game, but Georgia sure as heck lost it. I suppose the reappearance of Nick Saban was the shot in the arm the Tide needed. Their defense may have even figured some things out in the second half. But I'm not sold yet.

Meanwhile, Georgia looked like they were clenched up so tight, you'd think they were cramps. Clearly, this team has a hangup about Alabama. Until they figure out how to relax, they aren't going to get past Alabama.

BYU 43 - Houston 26

It started rough for BYU, it looked bad for BYU, then BYU got going. They might have enough name recognition to get into the playoffs, but they have a lot of games between here and there.

Houston, however, might have had a better result if they hadn't had so many of their early games canceled. Hard to get into mid-season form when almost all of the first half of the season never happens.

Notre Dame 12 - Louisville 7

Notre Dame keeps winning. That's all you need to do. Ain't pretty, but they find a way.

I would like to point out that I am rooting for Notre Dame to win the ACC this year. Because Notre Dame winning a conference they aren't even a member is would fit nicely with the rest of the year.

Florida State 31 - North Carolina 28

I don't know where Florida State has been, but it's nice to see them make an appearance, at least for a half. Seems like they took a powder for the second half, but half of Florida State is better than all of most teams. All the same, I'll need to see another week from them before I am ready to say they are back.

Kentucky 34 - Tennessee 7

Returning to the theme of rare results, this is Kentucky's first win over Tennessee since 1984. Which is pretty silly for game that used to be an end-of-year rivalry game. So this was a big-time win for the Wildcats.

Tennessee... I seriously just don't know what's going on there. Seriously. no idea. They are a proud program, but I just can't figure out what's going on with them.

Memphis 50 - UCF 49

Not a game for those who like defense. But it certainly wasn't boring. Exasperating, but not boring.


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