College Football Research


by Big Al

We're back on track! For now, at least. Hopefully, that will last.

UCF at Memphis

This was shaping up to be a vital American Athletic Conference showdown between two teams with playoff hopes... then both teams up and lost two weeks ago. Now it's a game to see who's the biggest challenge remaining for Cincinnati. Though that may be SMU now. Anyway, UCF is the better bet here.

North Carolina at Florida State

I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that North Carolina is the clear favorite and obvious pick here. Can't quite do it. Doesn't change the fact that UNC is the clear favorite and obvious choice here.

Boston College at Virgnia Tech

Virginia Tech is coming in ranked, but is coming into this game after a sound thumping by the aforementioned North Carolina. Boston College is coming into this game unranked, but looking decent at 3-1. I'll take Boston College to get themselves into the top 25 on Sunday.

BYU at Houston

This game intrigues me, because Houston is a real mystery right now. BYU has rolled to a 4-0 record, while Houston is only sitting at 1-0, thanks to an entire month of postponed games due to positive COVID tests on other teams. I am taking BYU, but don't be surprised by anything here.

LSU at Florida

Postponed due to COVID outbreak. Good luck for both teams, if you ask me.

Georgia at Alabama

#2 vs. #3. Wow, is this big. It's yet another huge game in the SEC, and it might be the biggest game of the year before the playoffs. And things just got very interesting.

My first thought was that nothing much has really changed: both teams run largely the same offense; Alabama just does it with much better players. But...

Alabama's defense is a pile of feces right now. A championship-caliber defense should only give up 48 points if they are playing basketball. I didn't see anybody taking free throws in the Ole Miss game.

That alone is enough to make want to pick Georgia. However, now Nick Saban is out with the COVID. The head man is not going to be on the sidelines. Sure, Steve Sarkisian has head-coaching experience, but he's not the chief. That's a big deal, no matter how you slice it.

I thought it was interesting last year when a team (LSU) came into a big game against Alabama and won. Before, every team that beat Alabama (aside from Clemson) had to sneak up on the Tide. Now that changed. Georgia will benefit.

Why will I be wrong? Because, if I want to break a long losing streak to another team, the other team's stadium is not the place I'd pick to do it. But I also wonder how much of an advantage a home field is these days, what with only about 25% of the seats being filled.

All the same, the signs are definitely pointing to Georgia pulling off a win that will keep Athens smiling until conference championship season.


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