College Football Research


by Big Al

Well, we're not quite there yet, but we have a little more of the season coming this week. The Big Ten is back in action and ready to give us more viewing options for our weekend. Can't wait!

Illinois at Wisconsin

The Big Ten season kicks off on Friday. And it should be over by, oh, halftime or so. Wisconsin wins.

Syracuse at Clemson

Syracuse has been a real spoiler against Clemson in teh last few years. Syracuse isn't usually sitting at 1-4 coming into the game. Clemson.

NC State at North Carolina

North Carolina get exposed last weekend agaisnt Florida State. But UNC is playing NC State this weekend. North Carolina wins.

Florida State at Louisville

This weekend, we find out if Florida State is really back to their old selves, or if it was just a quick visit before they go back to wherever they have been. I'll go with Florida State to at least pull enough together to knock off a 1-4 Louisville.

Alabama at Tennessee

This is a big rivalry game. So Tennessee is going to be extra disappointed around 7:00 on Saturday.

Nebraska at Ohio State

I happened to read an article saying that the Big Ten is basically punishing Nebraska for their fight against postponing the season. They're not exactly giving Ohio State a free pass either: Nebraska's cupboard is not empty. But I'll still expect Ohio State to win.

Michigan at Minnesota

This is a big game for Minnesota, as they can show they are a team to be reckoned with in the Big Ten. But Michigan is eager to get back to the top of the conference. Michigan may not finish the season great, but they can start it pretty well. Michigan wins.

Cincinnati at SMU

I would like to point out that the biggest game of the weekend is in the American Athletic Conference. With Memphis and UCF both taking a powder from the rankings, Cincinnati is the biggest name available in-conference. But SMU is the reason Memphis is not ranked anymore, so they're no pushover.

SMU can definitely put points on the board. Cincinnati isn't as high-powered as the Mustangs, but they aren't exactly bad, either. But Cincinnati has a better defense than SMU. Defense wins championships. Along the way, it wins football games. Cincinnati wins.


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