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Week 9 Review

by Big Al

Well, things got a lot clearer this week. There were a few questions that got answered. And the picture got a lot clearer across the nation. But, most of all, it was a weekend when we got rid of a lot of notions.

Ohio State 38 - Penn State 25

This should have been a much more exciting game. But Penn State lost to Indiana. And nobody is allowed in Big Ten stadiums, except for families of players. So the normally raucus whiteout crowd (which is one of the best scenes is sports) wasn't there to energize a great rivalry game.

Ohio State looked sloppy. But they kept converting third downs. And they went to Beaver Stadium and got a 13-point win. Ohio State doesn't have a clear shot to the playoffs, but they have a much easier road from now on.

In other news, Ohio State got a lot of breaks from the refs. Not all of the breaks, but a lot of them. That seems to be theme for the Buckeys through two games. I'm an Ohio State fan, and even I have to admit that.

Clemson 34 - Boston College 28

Fine, Trevor Lawrence was out, that hurt Clemson. But it shouldn't have hurt their defense so much. Boston College scored 21 points in the first half while Clemson's defense was on the field. Not a good way to come into the biggest game of the year in the ACC. We'll keep an eye on them.

Alabama 41 - Mississippi State 0

Alabama went a long way toward allaying my concerns about their defense.

Texas 41 - Oklahoma State 34

We can pretty well wrap up the idea of the Big XII sending a team to the playoffs this year.

Cincinnati 49 - Memphis 10

And speaking of defense, Cincinnati has a very good one that kept Memphis's offense completly befuddled. They lack the name recognition of BYU, but they have an outside shot at the CFP.

Florida 41 - Missouri 17

The game: whatever. The hit on Kyle Trask: egregious. The pre-halftime brawl afterward: not a good look. Dan Mullen coming out of the tunnel at halftime to fire up the crowd about the brawl: it may not be the end for him, but it's definitely a symptom of it.

Michigan State 27 - Michigan

Michigan had a good win last week against a ranked Minnesota team. Then Minnesota lost on Friday night to a Maryland team that lost 43-3 to Northwestern. That win by Michigan suddenly didn't look so good. Well, now Michigan just doesn't look so good. Good job, Michigan State, though.

Virginia 44 - North Carolina 41

Well, I think we can pretty well put that North Carolina resurgence to bed.

West Virginia 37 - Kansas State 10

I think we can say that Kansas State is not back this year.

Indiana 37 - Rutgers 21

I'm not saying that this is a huge win for the Hoosiers. But they followed up a big win with a win. That means they got the job done. Perhaps we'd better take more notice of Indiana this year.

Oklahoma 42 - Texas Tech 24

Oklahoma: not dead yet. They may yet made a season of this.

Auburn 48 - LSU 11

Does anyone else get the feeling that Ed Orgeron made some sort of diabolical bargain for a national championship last year? Because it looks like they are paying it back.

I didn't preview this game, because it was two unranked, 2-loss teams playing in Alabama's end of the SEC. So who cares? Well, Auburn sure did. But LSU's defense had better figure a lot of things out. Soon.


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