College Football Research


by Big Al

I'm legitimately lost as to which teams are playing in what bowls, or even if they are being played at all. So we'll just start here and hope that it all turns out okay.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl
Maryland vs. Virginia Tech

Maryland, because I don't have much faith in Virginia Tech.

EDIT: I wrapped up this article during the first quarter of the game, and I really like the Yankees logo on Virginia Tech's helment.

Cheez-It Bowl
Clemson vs. Iowa State

Clemson, because they want to salvage something from a lost season.

Valero Alamo Bowl
Oregon vs. Oklahoma

No idea. Especially when neither team is coming into this game with the same coach they ended the season with. I'll go with Oklahoma just 'cause I have to make a pick.

Duke's Mayo Bowl
North Carolina vs. South Carolina

North Carolina, because the SEC is having a rough bowl season.

TransPerfect Music City Bowl
Tennessee vs. Purdue

Tennessee, because I can't make head or tail out of Purdue.

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Pittsburgh vs. Michigan State

Michigan State, because they are a pretty good team and I think they can handle Pitt's offense.

SRS Distribution Las Vegas Bowl
Wisconsin vs. Arizona State

Wisconsin, because I think they are a good team.

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl
Wake Forest vs. Rutgers

Wake Forest, because they are a very good team that didn't slide into a spot because the other team cancelled due to COVID. But kudos to Rutgers for saying, "Heck yes, we want to play!"

Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl
Washington State vs. Central Michigan

I love the fact that, when two teams canceled because of COVID, these two teams figured out a way to make a game happen. That's the sort of thing I want to see! Communication, improvisation, making things work. That's how you make the world a better place.

CFP Semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic
Cincinnati vs. Alabama


CFP Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl
Georgia vs. Michigan

I really like Michigan's chances in the playoffs. Why? Because they play a game that nobody else does: power football. Georgia has never seen it. That's why Michigan is going to win.

Outback Bowl
Penn State vs. Arkansas

Penn State, because they are a legitimately good team that couldn't catch a break in the last half of the season.

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl
Oklahoma State vs. Notre Dame

Notre Dame, because they are fired up to prove something about their new coach.

Vrbo Citrus Bowl
Iowa vs. Kentucky

Kentucky, because Iowa has been getting steadily worse since they beat Penn State.

Rose Bowl Game Pres. by Capital One Venture X
Utah vs. Ohio State

I'm trying to think of a worse matchup for Ohio State. An unmotivated Ohio State. A disappointed Ohio State. Until Utah, that is fired up to be playing in the Rose Bowl. Utah, by a lot.

Allstate Sugar Bowl
Baylor vs. Ole Miss

Ole Miss, because this isn't old hat for them.

TaxAct Texas Bowl
LSU vs. Kansas State

Kansas State, because I spell disappointment L-S-U.


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