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Championship Game Preview

by Big Al

It's all the marbles now. Everyone else has all the marbles they are going to get. This is a game for all the marbles accumulated through the year.

CFP Championship Game
Alabama vs. Georgia

Alabama. Next.

Oh, right, there isn't a next game. Well, I guess I'd better say something, then.

Can Georgia win? Yep, absolutely. They are a very good team, they have an excellent defense, and they did have an early lead against the Tide in the SEC Championship Game. But that didn't last long, did it?

I don't know how Saban always beats his proteges, but he does. And he owns Kirby Smart like he found him at Dollar General. Smart hasn't show the first inkling of being able to knock off Alabama, and I don't know why it would be different this time.

Saban and Alabama excel at finding ways to beat the other team. Only Clemson showed any ability to knock off the Tide more than once, and Deshaun Watson is not walking into the Georgia locker room. Alabama and Georgia run essentially the same offense, but Alabama runs it with better players. Alabama finds ways of stopping other teams, no matter what they are doing. And, while I love Steton Bennett and his story, he's not exactly Joe Burrow. I'd trust him against most teams, but not against an Alabama team that is going to know what he's going to do before he does. That's not an ingredient I'd put into a recipe for beating the Tide.

It would be a great story if Georgia finally broke through against Alabama in the biggest game of the year. But watching what Saban has done at Alabama is a story you will tell your grandchildren. And I mean no matter what team you root for. Right now, I find them every bit as annoying as any other fan of teams that aren't Alabama, but I also know that I'm seeing something I will almost assuredly never see again in my life. Because nobody has ever seen this before. It may be that nobody else ever will ever again.

So, whatever happens, just enjoy a result that will mean something no matter who you root for.


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