College Football Research


Week 11 Recap

by Big Al

As per usual, it was not a boring week. So let's see what happened... now that I'm late for the week 12 preview.

Baylor 27 - Oklahoma 14

I thought Oklahoma had found their solution at quarterback, so they wouldn't have a problem finishing their tour of the Big XII. Wrong again. Turns out they still have some things to figure out on Offense. Thing about it, Oklahoma didn't do poorly on defense. 28 points isn't a bad showing against a good offense, especially these days. So seeing Oklahoma have an offensive power outage blows my mind.

Kansas 57 - Texas 56

Oh for %$#@ sake, Texas.

Ole Miss 29 - Texas A&M 19

The Rebels may not be kings of the mountain, but they are proving to be tenaciously clinging onto their hill. Lane Kiffin is going a very good job there. Part of me wonders if he's going to move up again. Most of me knows that he's better off staying put.

Wake Forest 45 - NC State 42

I underestimated Wake Forest and their ability to bounce back after a hard loss against North Carolina. They are more resilient than I thought. And they are looking like the power in the ACC this year.

Mississippi State 43 - Auburn 34

The big news in this game is that Auburn lost Bo Nix for the season. Not good. Especially when they have the Iorn Bowl coming up fast. Not that I think it would have mattered one iota.

Ohio State 59 - Purdue 31

Ohio State took care of business for one more week. Looking at their scores, they are quickly turning into a Big XII team, though.

Florida 70 - Samford 52

As I've said before, I don't expect Dan Mullen to last at Florida. But I never thought winning a game would become more evidence of a team that's coming apart.

Michigan 21 - Penn State 17

I legitimately thought Penn State was going to pull off the win here. Watching the game, I really thought they would. But Michigan is proving rather resilient, especially with as beat up as they are. They may not win pretty, but they know how to win.

Florida State 31 - Miami 28

Perhaps I underestimated Florida State this year. I'm not saying they are a top-25 team, but they are still fighting. That's an improvement.


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