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Week 12 Recap

by Big Al

The picture is becoming clear in the conferences and the playoffs. Very clear.

Utah 38 - Oregon 7

I thought Oregon would be able to take care of the their business at least until the Pac-12 championship. I wasn't sure if they would win that, but I thought they'd still be in the top of the rankings at least until then. Now they are out of the playoff race. But they still have a chance for the Rose Bowl, so they shouldn't get too down on themselves.

In other news, it's harder for the committee to keep Cincinnati out of the top 4 this week.

Cincinnati 48 - SMU 14

Reeeaaal hard...

Alabama 42 - Arkansas 35

Some people are talking about how Alabama struggled against Arkansas. I think Alabama did the thing it's done all year where it doesn't pull away from the other team, but never lets them get close, either. Alabama needs a touchdown, Bryce Young heaves it long to Jameson Williams. Repeat until SEC championship game and maybe do something different. Or don't. Whatever.

Ohio State 56 - Michigan State 7

I did watch this game, and I am an Ohio State fan. First, that got out of hand fast, and Michigan State game up on the ground game too early. Second, when you have the best running back in the country vying for a Heisman Trophy in the biggest game of the year, maybe you should get him the ball more than seven times.

Clemson 48 - Wake Forest 27

The Clemson team we've been waiting for since September finally showed up. Probably too late for Clemson, since Wake Forest's loss to North Carolina was a non-conference game. But Clemson at least gave themselves a chance to make the ACC title game.

Oklahoma 28 - Iowa State 21

Oklahoma hasn't wowed anybody this year, but they are 10-1 with their eyes on a Big XII championship. They probably won't make the playoffs, but they aren't out of them either.

Wisconsin 35 - Nebraska 28

Another week, another close loss for Nebraska. Someone pointed out that they are a 3-7 team ranked #25 in ESPN's FPI. Their biggest loss of the season was by 9 points to Ohio State. I cannot figure that team out.

West Virginia 31 - Texas 23

I believe West Virginia is now the only team in the Big XII with a winning record against Texas. Go figure.

Missouri 24 - Florida 23

So, Missouri won the game. And Dan Mullen got fired. I get the feeling Florida was really just waiting for a reason. I am not one for pulling the trigger on firings too early, and I do have a certain appreciation for whack jobs at the helm. But I soured on Mullen last year and I knew it was only a matter of time until he made a butt-first exit. He needed to go. I wouldn't be surprised if Florida already has someone in mind. I know who I think it is, but we'll see.

UCLA 62 - USC 33

Out of respect for USC, do they really need to play two more games? Just pull the plug, man.


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