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Week 13 Recap

by Big Al

Another eventful rivalry weekend is in the books. However you want to describe it, you sure can't call it boring.

Michigan 42 - Ohio State 27

I have made no secret of my Ohio State fandom, nor have I made a secret of my pessimism. So I picked Michigan to win, even though Ohio State was the obvious choice to win.

So, when I turned on the television for pregame, I saw the snow falling. And I thought, "Uh oh." Then, Ohio State started their first drive on like the 4-yard-line. I thought, "Not good." Then, when Ohio State ran the ball down the field for 2nd and goal from the 3, I thought, "if they pass the ball, they're way overthinking things." They did, Chris Olave dropped said pass, and then Ohio State had a false start on 3rd down, forcing a field goal. I wouldn't say I knew it was over then, but I knew that if it weren't a team that I personally root for, I'd say, "This ain't their day."

Michigan, meanwhile, looked hungry, well-coached, and well-prepared. This was a team that knew they needed this win. As much as a football team can need a win, they needed this one. They got it, and this rivalry is hot again.

Alabama 14 - Auburn 12 (4OT)

I happened to tune into this game a bit before Jameson Williams was ejected for targeting. Alabama was obviously struggling on offense, and now their biggest weapon just got kicked out of the game. I thought Alabama was in big trouble.

Were they in big trouble? I suppose so. But they found a way to win, just like they always do. Can't say that I was even a little bit surprised by that. Their ability to escape these situations will disappear someday, but goodness knows when. In the meantime, they will see you in Atlanta!

Oklahoma State 37 - Oklahoma 33

Gee, can't imagine why Oklahoma couldn't hold onto a late lead. Maybe their coach was preoccupied or something?

Actually, that's cold. I'm sure Lincoln Riley wanted to leave Oklahoma on a good note. But there was never going to be a good note here. A very pround Oklahoma team is being treated like an AAC team.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State didn't fold their tents and got an epic Bedlam win. Great job, Cowboys! On to the conference championship game.

Michigan State 30 - Penn State 27

Perhaps we should call this the Anticlimax Bowl. Two teams that had high hopes at different points in the season got the rug pulled out from under them. But their coaches have big, new contracts. So that's something.

Anyway, Michigan State bounced back from a rough week and got a nice win to end the season. They will be interesting to watch the next few years.

Minnesota 23 - Wisconsin 13

Iowa 28 - Nebraska 21

And, just like that, Iowa finds themselves in the Big Ten championshp game. It's a heck of a finish to the year. It will be interesting to see if it pays off for them.

LSU 27 - Texas A&M 24

I'm not sure if that's a fitting sendoff for Coach O or not. Anyway, they are moving on with Brian Kelly, a situation I have a lot of thoughts on. Maybe someday I'll write them down.

North Texas 45 - UTSA 23

That's a heck of a way to lose an undefeated season. Oh well, at least they'll have their memories.


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