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Week 13 Preview

by Big Al

It's rivarly week! All the big names in all the big games! Or at least most of them are in the big games. So let's take a look.

Ohio State at Michigan

The Game. 364 days of hate wrapped up in one game for a year's worth of bragging rights.

As is typical, this is a game for conference supremacy. Or at least divisional supremacy, with the conference to be decided next week. Ohio State and Michigan rolled last week, so this top-5 matchup is the big game of the week, like it's supposed to be.

Ohio State is the clear favorite here. But Michigan is coming in hot, and they are sick to death of hearing about their losing streak to Ohio State. Plus, they have the best defense Ohio State has faced all year. Add in the fact that Ohio State's defense is still suspect, I will go with Michigan to pull off the upset of the weekend.

Ole Miss at Mississippi State

The Egg Bowl. I don't remember why it's called that.

Ole Miss is coming in with a top-10 ranking and a coach who's being listed for top jobs come the offseason. Mississippi State is coming in. Ole Miss it is.

Iowa at Nebraska

Farmageddon. Your rivaly will never have a better name than this.

Nebraska has been close in every game, but can't quite get a win. Iowa started off hot, then hit a cold spell long enough to forget about them. In the meantime, they've pulled it back together. I'm probably going to regret this, but I'll take Nebraska to finish off the year with a win that will give them some momentum heading into a very long offseason.

Washington State at Washington

The Apple Cup. The state of Washington grows a lot of apples. Washington State has several wins. Washington does not. Washington State it is.

Georgia at Georgia Tech

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. It takes longer to say the name of the rivalry than it does to figure out that Georgia will win.

Florida State at Florida

I don't remember the name of this rivarly, and a battle for bowl eligibility between these proud programs makes it even more forgettable. Florida has a chance to send a farewell message to their old coach. I think the message will be, "You won't be missed." Florida State it is.

Alabama at Auburn.

The Iron Bowl. Alabama.

Oregon State at Oregon

The Civil War. Oregon may not be in the playoff hunt, but they are in the conference race, with a chance for a second swipe at Utah. Oregon wins.

Penn State at Michigan State

I know they play for the Land Grant Trophy, but I don't think this game has a name. Nor is it really that much of a rivalry, since Penn State has bigger battles against Ohio State and Michigan. Anyway, Ohio State showed how to beat Michigan State last week, which is to have a three NFL All-Pro caliber receivers starting on your offense to get up on them so fast that they forget they have the best running back in the country. Jahan Dotson will have a great game, but Michigan State gets the win.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Bedlam. I understand that this was the name given to their rivalry in wrestling before it was applied to the football game.

Oklahoma get the rug pulled out from under them by Baylor. Now Oklahoma State is hoping to open a trap door underneath them too. I'm liking their chances on that, since Oklahoma State has a very good defense, and Oklahoma hasn't quite settled their quarterback situation. Oklahoma State it is.


You know, if USC would just suck it up and play a darn cold-weather game, they wouldn't be scrambling to find a season-ending game when they are at Notre Dame.

Anyway, USC tops off a lost season with... actually, I'm just going to stop that before I get to my metaphor. Let's just say that BYU wins.


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