College Football Research


The College Football Championship

by Big Al

College Football Playoff Championship. That's all that matters now.

Georgia vs. TCU

TCU is not going to be a pushover. They are very effective on offense, and their defense hits hard. Like really hard. As in, Michigan wasn't expecting that. All the same, I'm picking Georgia. They have better athletes, more talent, and they can afford the loss of a top player or two.


Week 3 Recap

It looked like a dull week coming in, but there were some interesting results after all.

Week 3 Preview

Ain't much going on this week. We talk about it anyway.

Week 2 Recap

Yeah, I know, I dropped the ball on the preview. I'm slipping lately.

Week 1 Recap

Week 1 turned out to be pretty good! Let's find out why.

Week 1 Preview

I'm ready for something normal. Like actual games, and not conference realignment that doesn't make any sense.

Preseason Preview

The usual weirdness of the preseason... well, not quite predictions. More like analysis.