College Football Research


by Big Al

Well, that was interesting. November certainly is for contenders.

Georgia 27 - Tennessee 13

After their opening-week demolition of Oregon, Georgia has been flying under the radar. Tennessee, meanwhile, was making waves with a series of wins that reached a pinnacle with a victory over Alabama. So Tennessee was my pick for the game of the week.

Then I saw the Georgia fans and I thought to myself, "Nothing bad is happening to them today." That was my first real indication that I picked wrong. Then the first quarter happened and it was clear who the better team was. Georgia is definitely back on top.

Notre Dame 35 - Clemson 14

Clemson had been less than impressive all year, but they were still a solid team. Notre Dame started off the season poorly, then made it worse, but they had been improving. Which was why I changed my mind on my pick and went with Notre Dame for the big upset of the day. All the same, I didn't for a minute think that it would be complete demolition from the start. Congratulations, Notre Dame, you are looking good.

LSU 32 - Alabama 31

This is an impressive win for LSU, who now has the inside track for the SEC Championship game. They looked very good. Not great, but very good. While that's bad news for Alabama, a little chaos in the SEC is darn fun for the rest of us.

Pittsburgh 19 - Syracuse 9

This is among the reasons Clemson is still the obvious pick in the ACC.

NC State 30 - Wake Forest 21

See above.

Texas 34 - Kansas State 27

And just like that, I have not the foggiest notion what is going on in the Big XII. Except for TCU. TCU is definitely the team to beat.

Kansas 37 - Oklahoma State 16

See above. But add congratulations to Kansas for being bowl-eligible!

Michigan State 23 - Illinois 15

Illinois is the big pick coming out of the Big Ten West. And they got beat by a then 3-5 Big Ten East team with 8 players suspended. The Big Ten West is not looking good.

Florida State 45 - Miami 3

It was a nice night on Saturday, and I had an unholy amount of work to do. So I sat next to a fire outside and worked on my laptop while I kept a football game playing on my tablet. It was very nice way to spend an evening. But I forgot about this game and wasn't there for a lick of it. Clearly, neither was Miami. It's getting harder and harder to justify the ink required to circle this game on the calendar.


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