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Week 11 Recap

by Big Al

Well, it was an interesting week. And we are a little closer to the playoff teams.

TCU 17 - Texas 10

I confess: I'm rooting for TCU. This may be the last time they have a real shot at the playoffs for the next 20 years. And yes, I mean even after expansion to 12 teams. Once it's 32 teams, then we'll talk. But for now, this is their best chance.

In the meantime, what a game! I don't think anybody expected a defensive struggle, but that's what we got. And these two teams beat the crap out of each other for 4 quarters. Hopefully it didn't take too much out of either team for the rest of their schedule.

Washington 37 - Oregon 34

The Pac-12's chances at the playoffs just took a big hit. Like a solid sock in the jaw. Especially after...

Arizona 34 - UCLA 28

I don't know what UCLA was doing here, aside from "Not much." I didn't even think that this game was worth watching, then UCLA lost.

So, now the only chance for the Pac-12 is USC. That's not a lot to hang your hat on when you're counting on a team with a first-year coach as your only chance.

UCF 38 - Tulane 31

UCF has quietly been getting better and better. They aren't quite at Scott Frost levels, but they keep hanging around and making waves. They are one of those teams that is worth watching in the long run.

Purdue 31 - Illinois 24

Does anyone want to win the Big Ten West?! I mean, come on!

Vanderbilt 24 - Kentucky 21

I've given up on trying to figure out Kentucky. I wonder if they are just getting worn down. Stinks for them. But you have that this time of year.


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