College Football Research


Week 11 Preview

by Big Al

Most of the large pieces are in place. But there are plenty more pieces yet to find a home.

TCU at Texas

TCU is the one consistent player in the Big XII all year. Everybody else has fallen by the wayside... usually thanks to TCU. I really like TCU. But they'll drop a game before the end of the year. Let's go with this week.

Alabama at Ole Miss

Alabama has been letting me down a lot lately. They lost to Tennessee, then they lost to LSU. I'll go with them to finally get a decent win. Alabama it is.

UCF at Tulane

UCF made their season by knocking off Cincinnati. Tulane has been making their name all year, including a win over Kansas State that has looked more and more impressive as the year went on. I'm going with Tulane here.

Washington at Oregon

It's been a long time since Oregon played Georgia. Now Oregon needs to win out for a chance at the playoffs. They get another chance to improve their positioning with a win against Washington. The make good use of it.


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Week 12 Preview

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Week 11 Preview

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