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Week 12 Preview

by Big Al

Well, it's one week before the big week. But we've got some big game all the same. Except for in the SEC, where it's the annual challenge to see who can come up with the most obscure opponent.


The Pac-12's playoff hopes come down to this. USC is riding the wave, while UCLA fell on their faces against Arizona. I'll go with UCLA, since they are going to be angry about losing their playoff chance last weekend.

Utah at Oregon

And speaking of teams that had gut-wrenching losses last weekend, Oregon gets a chance to get the taste of losing out of their mouths against Utah. For once, I'll be consisten in my reasoning and pick Oregon.

Ohio State at Maryland

Okay, this ain't exactly a big game. But Maryland is quietly a pretty good football team with a very good quarterback. Ohio State cannot look past this week. I'm picking Ohio State, but this is a major trap game.

Illinois at Michigan

And on the topic of trap games, Michigan is playing a very good Illinois team that has taken a few embarrassing losses, but is still a good team. They can't look ahead either, no matter how much they'd like to do so. Michigan is my pick, but keep an eye on them in another trap game.

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma


Oklahoma State has been rather disappointing this year, when they were given a shot at the playoffs. Oklahoma has completely fallen apart followng Lincoln Riley's exit. In a battle of disappointed teams, I'll go with Oklahoma State, since they are less disappointing.

Iowa at Minnesota

Floyd of Rosedale! As I say every year, I'm big on the pig.

Minnesota is a decent team. Iowa is half great team on defense and half awful team on offense. I'll go with Minnesota, who is at least competent in both departments.

Stanford at Cal

What's the deal with Pac-12 teams playing their rivals the week before the end of the season? I mean, seriously, that's not right. I guess the Notre Dame vs. USC/Stanford thing got everyone fed up with jiggling the schedule every year for one Catholic school in Indiana. Anyway, Cal wins because I need to make a pick, but I'm not interested in trying to figure out either team.


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