College Football Research


by Big Al

Rivalry week is here. As of now, the rest of the year never existed. There are a lot of things to play for, but the only thing that matters is beating that one team you have to beat for no other reason than that the only thing you enjoy as much as winning is watching the other team lose. And you can get both all in one big, wonderful package.

Mississippi State at Ole Miss

I can't make head or tail out of either team this year. Seriously, no idea what either team is going to do from week to week. But Mississippi State is 7-4 while Ole Miss is 8-3. So I'll go with Mississippi State to even their records with a win.

Tulane at Cincinnati

I'm not going to go into the conference consequences here, because I can't make head or tail out of them. What I do know is that both teams need a win here to guarantee a spot in the championship game, and the loser had better hope UCF loses to USF. 1-10 USF. So let's just say both teams need to win to get into the championship game. I'm liking Cincinnati at home to do that very thing.

Baylor at Texas

It's not exactly Texas-Texas A&M, is it? Anyway, Baylor has got to be worn out after last week's near-miss against TCU. Texas wins.

Arizona State at Arizona

I'm embarrassed by both of these teams. Arizona State gets what it will consider a big win, because Arizona already had their against UCLA.

NC State at North Carolina

I get the feeling North Carolina was looking ahead to this week while they were busy losing to Georgia Tech last week. I'll go with North Carolina to get some revenge on the year.

Nebraska at Iowa


As long as this is a game, I will look forward to saying that every year. Anyway, I think Iowa can get into the Big Ten championship game with a win, and get a chance to wreck the season of Ohio State or That Team Up North in the most gut-wrenching manner possible. But, considering how the Big Ten West has gone, I'm pretty sure Iowa will make it interesting. Nebraska wins.

Florida at Florida State

Florida State seems to be figuring a few things out. Not many, but a few. Which is more than Florida has done. Florida State it is.

That Team Up North at Ohio State

As I have have said on numerous occasions, I am an Ohio State fan. A pessimistic Ohio State fan. And nope, can't say the name of that team this week.

Last season, That Team Up North outmuscled Ohio State for four quarters. Ohio State made it a point to get tougher this year. They are tougher. But they still aren't tough. And considering the number of injuries they are dealing with, I'm not sure who's even going to be able to play. That Team Up North gets the win.

Georgia Tech at Georgia

Clean Old Fashioned Hate. Darn that's a good name! I'll go with Georgia to win and have the chance to take next week off.

South Carolina at Clemson

I don't remember what this game is called, but I'm kind of in a hurry, so I can't look it up.

Spencer Rattler went nuts last week, and stayed good for an entire game, which is the sort of thing I've been waiting for all throughout the last three years. Can he do it again? I really have no idea. If he can, Clemson doesn't stand a chance. If he can't South Carolina is toast. Because of the way the year has gone, I'll go with Spencer Rattler and South Carolina in the upset.

Louisville at Kentucky

Kentucky started the year hot, then kept getting colder. Louisville started the year cold, then hotted up the rest of the way (Clemson excepted). I'm not going to mess with the thermostate. Louisville it is for the Commonwealth Cup.

Auburn at Alabama

The Iron Bowl. Is Auburn's season over yet? No? Well, Alabama puts it out of its misery. Alabama wins.

Oregon at Oregon State

The Civil War. I'm more than a little hazy on the details of the Pac-12 race, but I do know that USC is playing for the championship and Oregon can get into the game with a win. Oregon gets into the game.

Iowa State at TCU

Will this be the week that TCU's bubble gets popped? I don't know, but I'll go with TCU to keep it going for one more week.

Michigan State at Penn State

It's just that one team that can't be named. Michigan State is fine.

I think this is the Land Grant Trophy. And it was an attempt to get both Michigan State and Penn State a decent, season-ending rival when Penn State entered the Big Ten. Well, Penn State is, on average, a heck of a lot better than Michigan State. Just like this year. Penn State wins.

LSU at Texas A&M

It's not exactly Texas-Texas A&M, is it? Well, if it were Texas, I'd give Texas A&M a better shot out of mere hate and bitterness. But it's not. Which means LSU wins.

Notre Dame at USC

Notre Dame is scary. USC is in the playoff race. USC has a rough end-of-year string of games. Well, they at least get the second of three. USC wins.

Kansas at Kansas State

Kansas started the year hot, then they remembered that they have a long way to go. Kansas State rubs in that lesson.

Washington at Washington State

Washington has been pretty good at times this year. Washington State has been okay this year. Well, let's go with Washington to win the Apple Cup, because they have a higher ceiling.

Virginia at Virginia Tech

I never addressed the shooting at Virginia last week, which I should have done. Canceling the rest of the season was the only sensible thing to do. You can't expect players to come back and prepare for games. Not after than. Recovering is not something they are going to do. But they need time to grieve. But none of it makes any sense.

I wonder how or even if the players can come back next year. I can only say that I hope everyone finds some calm and peace eventually. But it's going to be a while.


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