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Week 10 Recap

by Big Al

Well, I'd call that a good week for figuring out who the contenders are.

Georgia 30 - Missouri 21

Missouri was pretty game throughout. But Georgia is still Georgia. Overall, this went pretty much as expected.

Alabama 42 - LSU 28

Swap LSU for Missouri and insert Alabama where Georgia is. Repeat.

Washington 52 - USC 42

I find myself rooting for Washington because I really like Michael Penix Jr. I'm not happy that he left Indiana, but he did need some greener pastures. And after two years of injuries, I'd like to see him go out with a bang. Beating USC is a good way to start that.

On the other side, Caleb Williams just seems tired from having to carry around that Heisman all day every day. It's a lot. And losing MarShawn Lloyd (who is absurdly unsung for as good as he is) is no way to make that easier.

Ohio State 35 - Rutgers 16

Ohio State doesn't go it pretty, but they get it done. But whatever that fumblerooski variation was... that was something to see! I'm actually surprised Rutgers didn't have more trick plays.

Texas 33 - Kansas State 30

Kansas State made a run at it, but the fourth-down gamble did not pay off. I suppose they wanted to just go ahead and win the thing when they had a chance. I was not actually watching the game when that happened, so I don't know what I would have thought at the time. Hindsight says they shouldn't have done that, but that didn't help Kansas State at the time. However, Texas figured out how to make it work, so they are still alive in the CFP race.

Oklahoma State 27 - Oklahoma 24

Oklahoma, however...

I rather wonder if Oklahoma State will ever schedule Oklahoma again: they can hang onto the final win in the Bedlam series for years, or maybe even decades. Oklahoma gets all the accolades and the titles. I'd like Oklahoma State to get this to hang onto for a while.

Clemson 31 - Notre Dame 23

I was wondering when or even if Clemson would finally figure out that they are actually a really good team. They did, and it took until this past Saturday.

Army 23 - Air Force 3

In my analysis of the first CFP rankings, I completely forgot about Liberty! My fault for doing it in a hurry.

But everything I said still applies. Particularly when teams can get knocked off by the most unlikely of opponents. Like Air Force did.

Iowa 10 - Northwestern 7

That's about as Iowa of a score as you can get.

Stanford 10 - Washington State 7

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this effort from Stanford and Washington State.


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