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Week 10 Preview

by Big Al

The calendar changes to November, so it's time for contenders. We'll see who's for real in the next four weeks.

Kansas State at Texas

This one is interesting, because Texas is very good, but possibly lost Quinn Ewers again (I have yet to see a firm yes or no on that). Kansas State, meanwhile, has a way of winning. Not winning it all, but winning all the same. And they also have a way of unexpectedly winning the conference. I'll take Kansas State to pull off the not-much-of-an upset.

Missouri at Georgia

Missouri is 7-1, ranked #12, and heading to Georgia! They'll leave it 7-2 and probably looking at #18 on Tuesday night.

Florida State at Pittsburgh

Normally, a #4, undefeated team playing a 2-6 team doesn't pique my interest. But an 8-0 Florida State team going to Pittsburgh in the middle of a November cold snap does rate a warning. Fortunately, the game starts in the afternoon and not at night, and it's not predicted to rain or go below freezing, so the Seminoles should be okay. But cold fingers on a cold football aren't what the Floridians are used to, and it's not the NFL where you have a team composed of players from all over the country.

Were I a betting, I would not bet on Pittsburgh. But I would bet on Pittsburgh against the spread.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

This is the last year of Bedlam. Oh sure, I don't doubt that it will be scheduled again someday. But this is the last time it will be in-conference. Well, until the conferences get reshuffled again, but that's not important right now. But it's not even at the end of the year. That's part of what makes a rivalry game mean something: you put all your chips on the table against the one team that most wants to stack the deck against you. As befits a rivalry that was actually pretty one-sided, Oklahoma wins.

Washington at USC

I'd say that Washington could use a break, but that's what the last two weeks were supposed to be. They beat Oregon, but they took a beating too. All the same, I'm not confident in USC, either. So I'll take Washington to keep the train rolling.

LSU at Alabama

Alabama has been vulnerable this year. But they are still Alabama, and they still have the best coach in the history of college football. Alabama wins.

Ohio State at Rutgers

Am I picking Ohio State? Darn right I am. But Rutgers is going to throw the kitchen sink (and probably a few double reverses) at Ohio State, so this one will stay entertaining for a while.

Penn State at Maryland

Penn State has a huge game next weekend against Michigan, and this weekend they are facing off against a very good, but pissed-off Maryland team who somehow dropped a game against Northwestern. Penn State will win, but they will need to work for it.

Notre Dame at Clemson

Don't look now, but... actually... don't look at Clemson.

I really have no idea what's going on with Clemson; they are a legitimately good team with talented players and an excellent coach. But they keep finding ways to lose. The thing about it is that they are a very scary 4-4 team. But I expect Notre Dame will still be able to handle them.

James Madison at Georgia State

James Madison just keeps on winning. Big game this weekend against 6-2 Georgia State, though. Not knowing anything about either team, I'm just going to go ahead and pick James Madison.


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