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Week 11 Preview

by Big Al

The games keep getting bigger. The season keeps moving on. It's not far now.

Michigan at Penn State

Well, it's week 11 and Michigan is finally playing its first game.

I have a lot of thoughts on the whole Harbaugh suspension, but I'll save them for later. If at all. In the meantime, there is a game to be played.

Penn State is actually in a good position, because they are at home against a team that just lost its head coach for the next three games. I really don't know what to make of Michigan, however: they haven't played a game yet. Oh sure, they went out on the field and ran into people for 3 and 1/2 hours on Saturdays, but they still haven't had any sort of challenge. However, what I have seen is a very good team with a quarterback who is amazingly accurate. So I'm still going with Michigan to keep the dream alive.

Alabama at Kentucky


Miami at Florida State

The is a rivalry game. Florida State will win it.

Utah at Washington

Washington does not have an easy road here. They have two ranked teams, then a rivalry game. I'll go with Washington to keep it going for another week.

Tennessee at Missouri

This one is interesting. Two 7-2 teams SEC East teams fighting for the chance to, um, have almost no chance of catching up with Georgia.

This is a game I am hoping I get a chance to sit down and watch. I really want to see what these two teams do. And I like Missouri to get the win.

Ole Miss at Georgia

Georgia is still the defending national champions. But I can't shake the feeling that Ole Miss is going to pull off a shocker. Oh, what the hell: Ole Miss wins!

Duke at North Carolina

Duke has been surprisingly impressive this year. North Carolina keeps finding ways of disappointing. Who am I to go against the trend? Duke wins.

USC at Oregon

I really like Caleb Williams. But man, he just looks worn down. And losing MarShawn Lloyd does not help things (I should mention that Lloyd is actually pretty amazing). There are a lot of problems with being the returning Heisman winner, and one of them is that you have to do so many things as a Heisman winner (ads and promotions not least of all) that it takes away from your ability to do what got you there: focus on playing football better than anyone. Anyway, Oregon wins.


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