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Week 12 Recap

by Big Al

It was a good weekend for some, and a rough weekend for others. It's getting interesting.

Michigan 31 - Maryland 24

Look ahead much, Michigan?

Florida State 58 - North Alabama 13

The loss of Jordan Travis is bad. It's very, very bad. Other teams have overcome worse things, and I'm not putting anything past Florida State right now, but this is a major blow to the Seminoles and their playoff chances. Florida tests them next week.

Georgia 38 - Tennessee 10

As I have said many times about Georgia games, that turned out pretty much exactly as expected.

Washington 22 - Oregon State 20

Washington has looked vulnerable, but they keep winning. They win again next weekend, they are in the top four no matter what. Not that they shouldn't already be there.

Texas 26 - Iowa State 16

It's a good thing Texas has that win over Alabama, because they haven't been impressive the last few weeks. If they keep winning, they should be able to squeak into the playoffs, but we'll see.

Missouri 33 - Florida 31

Missouri pulled out one of the epic wins of the year over Florida, and for that, great job, Tigers! They aren't in the hunt for the SEC Championship, but they are looking pretty good for a major bowl game right now.

Louisville 38 - Miami (FL) 31

It was looking ugly for Louisville for a while there, but they managed the job in the end. I seriously doubt there's a way for them to get to the playoffs, but they may yet be ACC champs.

Iowa 15 - Illinois 13

Call them boring, call them unimaginative, call them offensively inept, but remember to call the Iowa Hawkeyes Big Ten West champs while you're at it.

Clemson 31 - North Carolina 20

And... pretty much everybody saw that coming. Bad luck for Drake Maye and the rest of North Carolina. We'll see if Clemson can remember that they're a really good team early in the year next year.

Appalachian State 26 - James Madison 23

James Madison was a really great story. But it's very, very, VERY hard to go undefeated no matter what level you're at. Bad days happen. And, sometimes, you just meet a team that you don't match up well against. I don't know which one happened here, but they can take it and move on. And they are off their probationary period next year, so I'll be interested to see what they do next year.

Northwestern 23 - Purdue 15

After a very rough offseason, I'm glad to see Northwestern is bowl eligible. Great job, Wildcats!


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