College Football Research


Week 12 Preview

by Big Al

I'm really trying to focus on football this week. And not whatever the holy hell is going on at Michigan.

Louisville at Miami

If I were Louisville, I'd be very nervous about this game. Miami may not be national title material, but they are still talented and dangerous. I'll go with Louisville, but I wouldn't bet a nickel on them against a Miami team that can always come up and bite someone.

Utah at Arizona

Arizona disappeared from the radar screen, then they put together a pretty impressive string of wins over Washington State, Oregon State, UCLA, and Colorado. But the string ends here. Utah wins.

Georgia at Tennessee

I think Tennessee may have been looking ahead to this game. If so, they should have worried about Missouri. Now they play a team that is better at pretty much every position. Georgia it is.

North Carolina at Clemson

North Carolina is the ranked team here, and Clemson is a 7.5 point favorite (as of 9:38pm on Friday). There's a reason Clemson is the favorite: they finally figured out they are a very good football team. Clemson wins.

Kansas State at Kansas

No idea what to make of either of these teams. But I'll take Kansas State to get the win for no reason whatsoever.

Washington at Oregon State

Oregon State has a lot to say about the Pac-12 and national title races. Because they are playing Washington this week ahnd Oregon next week. That's a heck of a way to finish the year. Washington makes sure that Oregon State does not get off on the right foot.


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