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Week 13 Recap

by Big Al

It was an epic week for rivalries. So let's take a look at what happened.

Michigan 30 - Ohio State 24

I couldn't bring myself to watch this game. And its result ensured I had no interest in watching any other games the rest of the day. So I'm just going on what I read about the other games.

Alabama 27 - Auburn 24

This sounds like it was the most epic game of the weekend. Auburn darn near pulled out an upset and a win they would crow about for years. Instead, Alabama pulled out a victory that they will be talking about for decades. Even people who root for neither school will talk about it. I won't, because I had no interest in watching college football after about 3:30 on Saturday.

Georgia 31 - Georgia Tech 23

Georgia Tech gave it a run late, but nothing doing there. Georgia is still heading to Atlanta undefeated.

Oregon 31 - Oregon State 7

Oregon State had two chances to affect the national picture, but they lost both. And, to add insult to injury, they lost their head coach to Michigan State. It has not been a good two weeks for Beaver fans.

Iowa 13 - Nebraska 10

Iowa's gotta Iowa.

Washington 24 - Washington State 21

Not exactly how you want to go into a conference championship game, but it's a win over a rival. Take it and move on.

Kentucky 38 - Louisville 31

Kentucky actually did Louisville a favor here: they removed any idea of them making the playoffs. It wasn't happening anyway, but at least the Cardinals don't have false hope as they face Florida State.

Iowa State 42 - Kansas State 35

Iowa State pulled off a big win in what looks like some pretty epic snow. This one I wish I would have watched, because I love snow-covered fields.

NC State 39 - North Carolina 20

NC State helped UNC put a cap on a year that fell apart early, then disintegrated. It wasn't a horrible yaer, but it was nowhere near where they wanted to be.

Clemson 16 - South Carolina 7

Clemson pulled out an 8-4 year that finished strong, but got away from them way too early. I'm not sure if they have momentum going into the bowls, or if they need to do some soul searching. Only Clemson knows.


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