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Week 13 Preview

by Big Al

Rivalry week. There is no bigger weekend in sports.

Ohio State at Michigan

Look, considering all that is swirling around Michigan, someone needs to beat them to make them go away. I look at Ohio State and I don't see an instrument of divine retribution. But I do see a Michigan team that has a shutdown defense that will give the ball back to their offense enough to grind down Ohio State's offense. Michigan wins.

Oregon at Oregon State

Oregon State gets a second chance to upend the national title race, and the Pac-12 race. But I don't see that happening. Oregon wins.

Iowa at Nebraska


I just wanted to type that, because it's fun. The game's already over and Iowa won.

Kentucky at Louisville

This one is a closer matchup than a 6-5 teams has a right to be against a 10-1 team. Kentucky may not have a great record, but they do have a solid team that can hang with anybody. But I still expect Louisville to win.

Alabama at Auburn


Washington State at Washington


Georgia at Georgia Tech


Clemson at South Carolina

You know, I really liked Spencer Rattler. There is something different about that guy. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something I don't see elsewhere. But I also see a guy who clenches up when the pressure rises. He pissed away a few games at Oklahoma that he should have won; to my eyes, it seemed like the pressure of the game got to him. I try to make a point of not speaking ill of individual players, because they are still kids. But I wanted to get that off my chest. Anyway, Clemson wins by a lot.

Florida State at Florida

While Florida has made "underwhelming" its theme for the year, they have one chance to make it right. And with Florida State missing Jordan Travis, that means they have a better chance than they did 8 days before kickoff. I'm going with Florida to pull off a shocker that isn't really all that shocking.


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Week 13 Preview

Rivalry week. There is nothing better.