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Week 14 Recap: Conference Championship Weekend

by Big Al

In my preview, I wrote:

"So, if I were a betting man, and I had any idea how to set up a multi-way bet with AND and OR statements, I'd bet on at least two undefeated teams to lose their conference championship game. And three would be far from strange."

This is why I am not a betting man.

Washington 34 - Oregon 31

I didn't think Washington could manage a second win over Oregon, but here we are. For being the #2 team in the nation, they are the forgotten ones here. Pretty strange, when you get down to it.

Liberty 49 - New Mexico State 35

When Liberty was polishing off New Mexico State, I started realizing that my picks were not going to go well. Congratulations to Liberty for finishing the regular season undefeated!

Alabama 27 - Georgia 24

Georgia once again fell short against Alabama in the SEC Championship game. That seems to be a theme for them. Georgia still has a long way to go before it's reaching Alabama levels of success.

Michigan 26 - Iowa 0

Do I correctly understand that some of the guys on College Gameday were picking Iowa in this game? What sort of idiots are they?

I suppose that was wishful thinking. Michigan is so embarassing right now that I'd say just about everyone wishes they would go away. They're not going to.

Florida State 16 - Louisville 6

I didn't think Florida State had it in them to beat Louisville, but here we are. They may have some issues at quarterback, but their defense is excellent and it keeps them in every game. Heck, it did a lot more to beat Clemson than the offense did.

And yes, they got screwed. Royally, royally screwed. Since when did an undefeated Florida State team get overlooked in the national picture? Maybe back in the 1970s was the last time? Unbelieveable.

Texas 49 - Oklahoma State 21

I really thought Oklahoma State would pull off a stunner here. My bad. Texas is very, very good.

SMU 26 - Tulane 14

Tulane has been a very good football team as of the last two years. But SMU was a better one on Saturday. Bad news for the Green Wave.

Miami 23 - Toledo 14

I didn't see much need to list the "Ohio" part of the name in the preview or the score. We know which one is in the MAC. But, for some reason, the (I believe) MAC commissioner felt the need to specify which Miami he was announcing as the conference champion. That's ridiculous. We know who they are.

Boise State 44 - UNLV 20

Boise State has had one of the weirdest seasons I've ever seen. They fired their coach shortly before the end of the season. But they did it after beating New Mexico 42-14. Then they lost their quarterback for the year. But they still qualified for the MWC title game with a 7-5 record. Then they went ahead and trounced a 9-3 UNLV team by 24. Darned if I know what to make of them. But they made themselves Mountain West champs!

Troy 49 - Appalachian State 23

Out of all the games this weekend, this at the Big Ten Championship are the only two I got right. Blech.


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