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Week 14 Preview: Conference Championship Weekend

by Big Al

It's time to hand out some hardware in college football and determine who's going where in the playoffs.

I would like to point out once again that more that ending the regular season with more than two undefeated teams is exceptionally rare. So, if I were a betting man, and I had any idea how to set up a multi-way bet with AND and OR statements, I'd bet on at least two undefeated teams to lose their conference championship game. And three would be far from strange.

Big Ten
Michigan vs. Iowa

Ain't nobody picking Iowa here.

Conference USA
New Mexico State vs. Liberty

Liberty is the obvious pick here. But New Mexico State knocked off Auburn a week before the end of the season. What's one more? New Mexico State wins.

Oregon vs. Washington

This is the most obvious pick for a loss by an undefeated team. And I'm not running against it. Oregon gets the win over a Washington team that's been limping toward the finish line.

Big 12
Oklahoma State vs. Texas

I want to pick Texas here, but Oklahoma State keeps finding ways to upset expectations. Why not upset Texas while they're at it? Oklahoma State it is.

Mid-America Conference
Miami vs. Toledo

Hey, this is conference championship between an 11-1 and a 10-2 team, it deserves some attention! But, um, I really haven't watched either team all year. So I'll just go with Toledo because they are the favorites.

Mountain West
Boise State vs. UNLV

Hey, Boise State is back! Look at that! Anyway, they're going to lose to UNLV.

Georgia vs. Alabama

Probably the third-most-likely upset on the docket. But Alabama's quarterback play has been pretty spotty. So I'm going with Georgia.

American Athletic Conference
SMU vs. Tulane

Tulane had one loss to Ole Miss, but has otherwise been very impressive. SMU, meanwhile, has only lost games to TCU and Oklahoma. But I'm going with a Tulane team that has impressed all year.

Sun Belt
Appalachian State vs. Troy

I recently saw that Troy has one of the best defenses in the country. Defense wins championships. Troy will win this one.

Louisville vs. Florida State

Due to the loss of Jordan Travis, this is the other, most obvious loss for an undefeated team. I'm not a deep thinker. Louisville in the upset everyone sees coming.


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