College Football Research


Week 1 Preview

by Big Al

It's been a long, tiring offseason. I just want to watch the darn games. Man alive, I need this weekend.

Miami (OH) at Miami (FL)

This has been a long time coming...

I feel like they should be playing for the right to not need to list their state abbreviation after their name. Anyway, Miami wins.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Miami (FL) wins.

Virginia at Tennessee

Sure, it's supposed to be Tennessee winning going away. And I expect that. But you never know what will happen in week 1. So I'm keeping tabs on these two.

Colorado at TCU

Is this going to be a conference game next year? Or the year after? I can't keep it straight. Anyway, Coach Prime is debuting his team on the road and against a ranked team this week. And TCU reminds him that there's still work to do.

West Virginia at Penn State

This one I'm interested in. We'll see how both teams look, even if we still won't really know how good either team is even after this game. I'll go with Penn State in the clear pick.

North Carolina vs. South Carolina

The Carolinas go at it this weekend. I'll take South Carolina to pull off the minor upset.

LSU vs. Florida State

Is Florida State ready to take a big step? Probably not, but it's worth asking. Anyway, LSU.


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