College Football Research


by Big Al

Okay, there were some unexpected results this week, so it turned out to be an interesting week after all. But a lot of the biggest results were still expected results.

Colorado 43 - Colorado State 35

That hit on Travis Hunter was too much, yes. But Colorado hung in there and won the game. It was a rivalry game, so it was likely going to be a tough go. I'm not expecting Colorado to win out, but I won't entirely count it out either. As Sanders said, this team is resilient. But there's a long way between September and December. And there are much more talented teams still to come. So let's not start handing out the laurels yet.

Florida State 31 - Boston College 29

Look ahead much, Florida State? Anyway, Clemson week is finally here. And we can just ignore what happened here.

Alabama 17 - South Florida 3

Perhaps the strangest thing happening this year is that Alabama can't find a quarterback. They've always been able to find a quarterback since Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa. They'd better figure that out soon, because they are going to need one soon.

Georgia 24 - South Carolina 14

South Carolina hung in there. And got a not-embarrassing loss for their trouble.

Florida 29 - Tennessee 16

Did not expect Florida to pull this out. But I don't think Tennessee did anything wrong hitting the quarterback on that last play. There were 7 seconds left, it was 4th down, and Mertz was screwing around as a runner. If they wanted to protect Mertz, they should have punted. That hit is all on Billy Napier.

Washington 41 - Michigan State 7

I get the feeling the Mel Tucker drama may have been a distraction for the Spartans.

Missouri 30 - Kansas State 27

A 61-yard, game-ending field goal for an upset win. That's exactly the sort of excitement you expect from this game! Congratulations, Missouri!

South Alabama 33 - Oklahoma State 7

It would be one thing if South Alabama won on a 61-yard, game ending field goal. But they throttled OSU pretty much throughout. Bit win by the Jaguars! But not looking good in Stillwater.

Louisville 21 - Indiana 14

I'm not sure if I should be impressed that Indiana almost came back from a 21-point deficit in the second half, or if I should discount them because they were down by 21 after the first half. So let's just ignore Indiana and congratulate Louisville for hanging in there for a win.

BYU 38 - Arkansas 31

This was a big win for BYU as they look to get back into the national picture. And a big loss for the SEC, who has had a rough go of it early this year. Power might be moving back to the west.

West Virginia 17 - Pittsburgh 6

Big win for West Virginia in a highly underrated rivalry game. Pitt has come a long way, but they still have a long way to go.


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