College Football Research


Week 3 Preview

by Big Al

It's a dull week. Wish I had better news for you. But it's light on interesting matchups.

LSU at Mississippi State

Hey, it's a conference matchup in the SEC West! But it's between a 1-1 team and a 2-0 team and the 1-1 team is the one that is ranked. So, anyway, LSU.

Kansas State at Missouri

This might be something of a rivalry? But, anyway, Kansas State.

Louisville at Indiana

This is also kind of a rivalry? Anyway, let's go with Indiana in the upset, because they may be better than we think.

South Carolina at Georgia

This may be the best game of the weekend. But it will be hard to tell by the end of it. Georgia wins handily.

Minnesota at North Carolina

The other choice for the game of the weekend. I'm very interested to see what Minnesota can do against a ranked UNC. But I'll go with North Carolina to pull away around the mid to late third quarter.

Western Kentucky at Ohio State

Knowing a few things about both teams, I wouldn't bet against WKU here. They can score points in bunches, Ohio State has been susceptible to the pass over the last few years, and Ohio State has had trouble scoring points this year. It's one of those games where long odds for the underdog are worth betting on, because the odds of an upset are much better than the betting line indicates. I'm picking Ohio State, but I'll be very interested to see what both teams do here.

Washington at Michigan State

How with Michigan State respond to Mel Tucker's suspension? We'll find out here against a top-10 team. All the same, Washington is the pick.

Tennessee at Florida

This used to be the de facto SEC championship game. Man, that was a long time ago. Tennessee wins.

Northern Illinois at Nebraska

I'm really hoping Nebraska finally gets a win here. I'll gamble and go with the Huskers over the Huskies.

BYU at Arkansas

Quietly a pretty interesting game. I like BYU to pull off the upset on the road.

Syracuse at Purdue

This may have been the best game of all of last year. Not the best played, but the best to watch. Supposing, of course, that you weren't trying to root for either team. Anyway, Purdue gets the win at home.

New Mexico State at New Mexico

I have every confidence that this is a rivalry game for both teams. And I'll got with New Mexico to get the win over State.

Colorado State at Colorado

This is a big, in-state rivalry for these two teams. And Colorado State will be fired up for a chance to knock the Buffs out of the rankings. But they won't. Colorado wins again.


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