College Football Research


Week 9 Recap

by Big Al

And October took advantage of its last opportunity to make us look stupid. Good job, October.

Kansas 38 - Oklahoma 33

Kansas figured out a lot of stuff here. They hit hard, they took advantage of opportunities, and they found gaps in the Sooner defense. And let's not forget that Kansas is a legtimately good team. Yes, they lost a couple of games, but they came in with a good record and, in the games I have seen them play, they played well. This is an upset, but it's not exactly a surprise, either.

As for Oklahoma, I'm not saying that they are out of the national title picture, but they pretty much are. They need a lot of help to get back into the race. Florida State, for example, is the lowest-hanging fruit that could get the Sooners back into the game.

Oregon 35 - Utah 6

Yes, I picked Oregon to win, but I though Utah would keep it much more of a game than this. Oregon was clearly eager to show off their ability to beat a ranked team. Utah, unluckily for them, was in the way.

Florida State 41 - Wake Forest 16

With a small break for the big game of the weekend, Florida State isn't exactly looking likely to drop a game these days, though. At least not between now and the conference playoffs.

Penn State 33 - Indiana 24
Ohio State 24 - Wisconsin 10

Both teams looked vulnerable the week after their annual exercise is wearing each other down for four quarters. But they both pulled out two-score wins like though should. They are both still in both the conference and national races.

Arizona 27 - Oregon State 24

I turned on this game to enjoy some late-night football. And I fell asleep. Darn shame: looks like it was quite a show. It was a bad show for Oregon State, however.

Georgia Tech 46 - North Carolina 42

I feel like Virginia should get another win for this: it looks like North Carolina lost last week's game a second time.

Louisville 23 - Duke 0

Did I really pick Duke in this game? <Looking over notes< Ah... yep, yep, yeah, I did. In other news, Louisville is looking pretty good these days.

Air Force 30 - Colorado State 13

Air Force is 8-0! That's pretty cool!

Tennessee 33 - Kentucky 27

Kentucky was up for the challenge, but Tennessee proved to be too much. Not surprising, but an entertaining game, all the same.

Washington 42 - Stanford 33

Washington didn't exactly impress. But they won. The later it gets in the season, the more that is the only thing that matters.

USC 50 - Cal 49

Can't blame Cal for going ahead and trying for the win. They are better off trying for the immediate win rather than extending the game into overtime against a better team. Cal made the right call. But USC has got to figure out its defense.


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