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Games & Results

The one things that keeps us coming back to this sport is the games. Each individual game is another chance at history. Here is the history surrounding those games.

Winning Percentages
Winning percentages and statistics throughout the history of college football.
Head-to-Head Records Between Teams
See how individual teams did against each other.
Bowl Games
Information about college football's unique contribution to the sporting landscape.
Legendary Games
Information about some of the legendary games that have been contested through college football history.


Week 3 Recap

It looked like a dull week coming in, but there were some interesting results after all.

Week 3 Preview

Ain't much going on this week. We talk about it anyway.

Week 2 Recap

Yeah, I know, I dropped the ball on the preview. I'm slipping lately.

Week 1 Recap

Week 1 turned out to be pretty good! Let's find out why.

Week 1 Preview

I'm ready for something normal. Like actual games, and not conference realignment that doesn't make any sense.

Preseason Preview

The usual weirdness of the preseason... well, not quite predictions. More like analysis.