College Football Research


Head-to-Head Records Between Teams

The sites below provide information about the head-to-head records between teams. Not all of the data is complete, as some sites have some different collections. However, these are good places to begin investigating head-to-head records between teams.

Query Historical College Football Results
Chris Stassen's queries of James Howell's database. It provides a whole heck of a lot of information about when teams played, where they played and what the scores were. And you can get information about individual teams' records against entire conferences, as well as several other interesting queries. However, this side only includes information about teams when they were considered "major", so it will not be the official head-to-head records. College Football: Series Records
A nice collection of head-to-head records between teams currently playing major college football. It does not include teams that no longer play major college football, nor does it include information for teams before they joined major college football. However, it does include historical information from before the days when football was divided into divisions.
James Howell's Historical Records by School
A nice collection of historical scores. Again, it only includes information about teams when they were considered "major", but it does offer a nice collection of scores for each team's season.
James Howell's Historical Records by Date
The same collection of scores, only they are organized by year. So if you are looking for a complete collection of year-by-year results, this is a great place to go. Ideal for someone looking to do number crunching. Just be sure to give the man credit.
College Football Data Warehouse Team Index
It takes a couple of clicks, but you can find each team's record against all opponents. It is a very good, very complete list of results for each team, including games against non-major teams, military teams and other unusual opponents other lists may skip.


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